Lumber and Supplies Arrive


This little fellow presented himself on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 but disappeared promptly as the delivery truck beeped and backed into the yard on Thursday. I’m not sure that my neighbour will be pleased to know that this little fellow and his unseen litter mates have been blissfully hanging out beneath her shed. As the kit has not been seen since Thursday, I suspect that mama has moved the litter to her alternate den now that the human folk have returned.



ImageI’ve been fortunate to collect many materials for the greenhouse through Freecycle. Purchased lumber and patio stones arrived Thursday, May 15th at 1:04 pm. The delivery truck had its own crane, allowing the driver to single-handledly make the delivery.

I used the compass on the iPhone to locate Solar South. You can find Solar South any day at 12 noon. Face the sun at 12 noon — that direction is Solar South. For precision, use a compass and face directly into the sun at 12 noon. You will note that the compass reading for South and the Solar reading differ.  In my location, Solar South is a few degrees East of South.

Aligning the greenhouse to Solar South allows me to maximize sun exposure. I have one tree that will provide unwelcome shade mid-morning for about an hour; and my cabin, located to the West of the greenhouse, will cast a shadow in the late afternoon. In my situation, I’ll take the direct sun from the south for the remaining hours and will therefore align the front of the greenhouse to Solar South.

The greenhouse windows will align with East, Solar South and West. The windowless back wall will face North.

I’ll use Wolmanized wood for the joists and a combination of Freecycle and purchased Spruce wood for the remainder of the structure. Kind friends loaned me a circular saw and a hand cart. The bags of crushed stone were a better buy that paying for the delivery of a small load of unwashed gravel. The bags of gravel (34 Kg each) and the  24″ x 24″ patio stones (25ish Kg) are heavy and difficult to handle without a hand cart.

Many thanks for the loans!


Greenhouse Materials Arriving



This is an exciting week. We venture to the cottage hoping for sunshine!

The greenhouse materials that I needed to purchase are arriving on Thursday. On Wednesday, I’ll prepare the greenhouse site to ensure that it is level, and then work with the gravel and concrete blocks. My level will surely get a good workout.


With the Victoria Day long weekend coming up, I hope to build the platform/floor. Pictures will follow early next week!