All Hands on Deck

ImageWith the insulation completed, I now turn to the decking. I was very fortunate to pick up almost enough 1″x 6″ lumber through a gift via Freecycle Halifax. A wonderful man who was moving and had also hoped to build a greenhouse, donated the wood he had collected for his project, as well as 13 of the windows I collected for the project.  Very generous and I hope that his move overseas brings him much success in his new work adventure. Most of the boards are 10′ and that gives me the needed 8′ of solid lumber when I trim the split ends of some boards.




ImageAs with the joists, I’ll place the boards crowns up. This allows the pressure of the walls and the traffic in the building to push down to flatten the boards, and so that any warping or twisting of boards occurs in the same direction, keeping the floor even.

I also was gifted, by the same gentleman, with a good supply of 1″x 6″ tongue and groove which I’ll save for the walls and roof.



ImageFor the most part, I’m using 2,  2.5″ screws manufactured specifically to withstand the interaction with the wood preservative chemicals of the pressure treated joists, the weather, and fungus.  Occasionally I’m using 3 screws if the end is a bit split.


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