Fall Update 2015

The greenhouse gable ends were filled with 1 x 6″ Spruce tongue and groove; the door was constructed of the same material and strengthened with a “Z” fastened with 1-1/2″ exterior screws. Four inch hinges were installed but are too light for this door. The door is hanging in place and held shut for the season by a piece of 1 x 6″ Spruce nailed into place.


door1       door2


I’ve moved a small potting table into the shed, gathered a pile of seaweed to enrich the soil used this year to grow a fine crop of tomatoes and basil, and planted a few hostas in front of the greenhouse.


I burned two lots of scrap, but have saved most of the scrap ends which I’ll turn into relief carvings at some point.

Lots more to do in the Spring! A ramp, vents, insulation, painting, and the wood carvings for the exterior. All that and a wonderful beach to walk.



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